Summertime Food Safety

Summertime means sunshine, warm weather, no school, beaches, campfires, boats and much more, including eating delicious food. One of the most popular things to do in the summer is BBQ and eat fresh, flavorful and savory meals. Who doesn’t love a good backyard party with all the fixings? We know we do! We also know that nobody wants to get sick when enjoying one of the most wonderful times of the year.

It should be a priority when preparing food to make sure you do it safely and carefully, especially when you are feeding a crowd. You may know that Salmonella can contaminate poultry and eggs, but it also sneaks its way into many other foods. Learn what you can do to make your food safer to eat.

We came across this article from the CDC on Five Facts That May Surprise You about Salmonella and food. Don’t let Salmonella make you or your loved ones sick. Learn these five facts – and tips for lowering your chance of getting a Salmonella infection.

  1. You can get a Salmonella infection from a variety of foods.
  2. Salmonella illness is more common in the summer.
  3. Salmonella illness can be serious and is more dangerous for certain people.
  4. Salmonella causes far more illnesses than you might suspect.
  5. To avoid Salmonella, you should not eat raw eggs or eggs that have runny whites or yolks.

Also, remember to clean, separate, cook, and chill guidelines to help keep you and your family safe from food poisoning. Find out more information here:


June 14, 2018

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