How To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is not always easy, and for some people, it is not part of their routine.

When the world is filled with candy, pizza, junk food, burgers, and sugary sodas and juices, it is difficult to make the easy choice.

As a child, you may not understand the health benefits when choosing an apple over an apple flavored piece of candy. We came across this article from the CDC that Helps Your Child Stay at a Healthy Weight.

Help your child – and your whole family – eat healthy and stay physically active. The healthy habits your child learns now can last a lifetime. 

What can you do to help my child stay at a healthy weight?
Help your child stay at a healthy weight by balancing what your child eats with physical activity. Two of the best ways to help your child stay at a healthy weight is to:

  • Help your child and family eat healthier foods
  • Be more physically active as a family

It is not always easy choosing the healthier option and staying active, but we know you can do it! What are some of your favorite tips to eat healthy? We’d love to hear them!

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July 20, 2018

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