Fall is a time for friends, family, fun, and FOOD!

From tailgates and family get-togethers to work potlucks and school parties — it’s always important to handle your food safely. Being too full is one thing, but getting sick from food-borne illness is completely different.

There are so many fun fall activities to do with your family and friends. No matter what you’re doing this fall, there are a few tips that are always important to follow when handling food. Read these tips from FoodSafety.gov for specific fall fun activities:

-Have a cold source for your perishable items to prevent bacteria from multiplying to dangerous levels.
-Pack non-perishable items for easy grab-and-go options.

-When packing the cooler with grilling items, make sure you’re packing the cooler with ice or frozen gel packs.
-Remember your food thermometer!

Fall Potlucks
-When serving foods at your potluck, remember to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
-Consider putting foods out in batches to ensure they aren’t staying out longer than the two-hour time limit.

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Make sure that the leaves are the only thing falling this season. Keep you and your loved ones safe this Fall and throughout the holiday season.

Don’t forget, Fall is a time for lots of deliciousness. Follow the above tips to stay healthy! Do you have any delicious Fall recipes you would like to share? Our stomachs and taste buds are waiting!


November 11, 2019

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