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At Jaron & Associates, our goal is to simplify your health care choices to options you understand and that will fit your and your family’s needs.

Owner Jan Duval prefers face to face presentations to establish relationships and to deliver customized service for each client’s needs. However, with the Covid-19 restrictions and safety concerns, we must conduct business remotely as much as possible. Whether you are tech savvy or not, we can assist you in finding the plan or plans best suited for the needs you or your loved ones using some of the links here on the website.

When you trust Jaron &
Associates, you become part of our family and not just a client!

Who We Are

Jaron & Associates was established to be an advocate to equip our members with the knowledge essential to obtain insurance products they want and need.  Our focus is to provide the tools to enable our clients to make informed decisions about the health plans and ancillary products necessary to bring reassurance and peace of mind.  We are able to assist families with acquiring insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Kentucky.

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